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In this section feel free to ask any questions you may have about music production, software, or hardware and we will try our best to answer any and all relevant questions.

Ive noticed there are a few topics being searched for like, most recently:


Question: Does the M-Audio Fast track mk2 work with FL studio 9?
Answer: YES it does. I use this combonation myeself when Im producing beats.


4 Responses to Ask a question!

  1. Matt Brown says:

    Well i have a lot of questions.
    How do i manually put in bass sy this on live? so i could make raging dustup?
    and if i get a midi to usb cable for my microkorg can i program anything i want to on the keys? and or knobs?

    those are the 2 most important ones!!

    haha thank you and it would really help me out if you could awnser them!!

  2. keke! says:

    What is latency of M-AUDIO FAST TRACK MK II ?(input and output)

  3. callan says:

    does the M-audio Fast Track , work with the Numark Mixtrack pro and also with Traktor?

  4. D Allen says:

    Question: How do I set this up to a Behringer mixer? 1204FX / 1202FX?? Or how do i run powered monitors from this interface?

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