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  1. system32 says:

    I started making music in september this year and I’m making progress I believe.
    But somehow I allways f*ck-up my drum ‘n bass basslines,
    somethimes the’re to solid, dubstep’ish, to hollow, and not dark enaugh.

    I’m trying to make neurofunk/darkstep/jungle

    -fl studio

    -Massive NI(bass)
    -fruity slicer(amenbreaks)
    -Atlantis BETA(trippy or dark melodies) h
    -Autogun(weird dark melodies)

    -CamelCrusher NI(distortion)
    -Atlantis filter(adding some effects to solid bass’s)
    -EQUO(snare mastering)

    RESPECT and pls help me

    • robinlove85 says:

      Sounds like you are on the right track, I use FL Studio along with NI Massive and Albino 3, now for bass that is to thin or hollow try adding a sub layer (pure SINE wave) or if you are using a mod matrix like albino set 2 of the oscillators to sine, and 2 to square/triangle/saw anything that suits your preference.

      Now for bass that is to over powering, assign the bass to one of the send track channels in FL Studio, turn the volume of the bass way down and gradually bring it up, until it sits well in the mix, this way you have more control

      I will try send you a few examples to demonstrate the technique.

      and thanks for your comment, please subscribe to this blog for instant updates.


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