M-Audio fast track usb 2 (MK2) review

M-Audio fast track MK2

Where to begin…… the M-Audio fast track MK2 in a nut shell is quite simply AMAZING. The sound quality (24bit/48khz) is absolutely outstanding, and the device performance is stunning, Need I say more.

To install the device driver is so simple the M-Audio fast track MK2 is borderline plug and play, instead of using the supplied drive I went directly to the M-Audio website and downloaded the more up to date driver to ensure the device will run at its optimum performance.

When producing beats in FL Studio 9, I can stream at 48khz 512 point sinc interpolation with no clipping or stuttering in the audio whatsoever, but of course a decent spec PC helps as well.

View questions about the M-Audio Fast track here

M-Audio Fasttrack MK2 Specifications

2-input, 2-output audio interface
compatible with most popular recording software including Pro Tools M-Powered 8* and GarageBand
24-bit/48kHz professional sound quality
plug-and-play USB connection (USB 2.0 compatible)
XLR microphone input with gain control and 48V phantom power
1/4″ instrument input with gain control
1/4″ stereo headphone output
RCA stereo speaker outputs
output level knob for adjusting volume of headphones and speaker outputs
direct monitoring button
powered by USB—no power adapter required

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6 Responses to M-Audio fast track usb 2 (MK2) review

  1. Diego Sato says:

    Hello, I’m willing to buy this but I have a question.
    I use my pc for applying effects on real time while playing guitars (Im using Reaper for those), but my soundcard is onboard and I get a latency delay on the effects (about 0.5 sec), I was wondering if I get this Fast Track MK2 the latency problem will be solved.
    Thanks in advance, Cheers from Brazil!

    • robinlove85 says:

      Well hello

      In my experience there will be little to no latency issues when using direct monitoring, further more it helps if you have a decent PC with a good processor and a fair amount of ram.
      I have used the Fasttrack MK2 for live music using the M-Audio Oxygen 25 midi keyboard and have experienced no latency, I hope this helps.

      😀 Robin

    • mike basnec says:

      yes it will be solved!!!!!!!!!

  2. lochana says:

    Hi, have you noticed that the headphone output is very quiet? Even on full output gain?
    When I have my mic input at 3/4 and output at full, my headphone output is still a bit quieter compared to the first Fast track USB

  3. callan says:

    Hello im looking at buying this , im using a Numark Mixtrack and because it doesnt have a built in soundcard will this do the job, will it allow me to cue the next song without interupting the output sound?

  4. carlo salcedo says:

    i got an acer aspire 4736z with 2 gigs ram, can i use FT mark II for recording with this? Thanks!

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